We provide consulting services in the areas of Learning Strategy Development, Rapid e-Learning content development, e-learning implementation and in the process share our proprietary methodologies.

We provide a complimentary half day assessment of your learning initiatives. In addition we can provide consulting services in the areas of strategy development, share our eleven step learning process for your learners, teach your designers to implement the rapid e-Learning content development methodology, define blended learning approaches for the most effective deployment of learning or help select the best solution for your specific needs.

Are your goals business driven? If not you need to stop, think and define business driven goals. We recommend avoiding the common mistake of letting superficial goals drive the development, such as moving x% of courses to web based. We have a well defined process that will help align your Corporate Learning Strategy with business objectives. This will help you to re-evaluate the impact of learning on the overall individual and business performance. Proscribed learning is an important ingredient to our overall process. We prefer to develop effective learning processes in partnership with all corporate stakeholders and not simply the training department. Through our consultative process you will discover new learning strategies that focus on content development and content delivery through blended learning approaches. We provide quality custom content solutions, at substantially lower prices, quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of an audience. We utilize a unique design and development process to build and deploy standards based e-Learning content. We utilize proprietary content, third party off-shore relationships, existing content repositories to build and develop learning in less than a 3 week period. Our methodology has generally lead to lowering your content development costs by 20% to 80%.