Application development through our offshore development facility ( and other strategic partners offers you an exciting opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of application development and extend your team. This is a strategic initiative for corporations to reduce costs and access intellectual resources not available internally.

Offshore application development is primarily concerned with the development of software applications, mostly in geographically low-cost regions. The major driver for offshore software outsourcing is to extend in-house development capability and also to reduce operational costs. Many western corporations located in high-wage countries seek the low-cost software programmers found in low-wage countries. We can provide support in the following areas:

  • Content Management System (CMS): Installation, development and customization for products like Drupal, Joomla and others
  • Application Development: .Net, PHP, C++, Visual Basic and Mainframe: Cobol, RPG
  • Operating System Support: Linux, Windows and IBM Mainframe  (MVS)
  • Database Management, design, support and development: MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, CMS

In addition to supporting proprietary technologies such as Microsoft, open source has become a viable alternate solution to vendor products that must be licensed at a significantly higher price. The cost savings that Open Source offers our clients is undeniable and cannot be ignored no matter how large of an IT budget your organization has. We help our clients identify their computing needs and customize a solution tailored for each individual client that includes Open Source components and products.

Digital Learning Solutions incorporates Rational Unified Process & Methodology for systems development and delivery. Our solutions are designed with published interfaces and no hidden code. We also ensure backward compatibility and low cost or no license fees. We will explore various Open Source and other platforms and use the latest enterprise integration engines that meet your needs. Our team keeps up with the latest trends and business needs in Open Source technology. We provide you with the right kind of solution that leverages your organization’s existing technologies. We specialize in driving ease-of-use and business effectiveness across your organization’s various platforms and leverage your organization’s existing knowledge base.