Saving money is no longer the top reason for IT outsourcing but timely delivery, extension to internal resources, responsiveness and flexibility are the primary drivers behind such decisions.

India continues to be the most popular Outsourcing destination but several other destinations such as China, Malaysia, Brazil, Philippines and more recently Eastern Europe and Vietnam are gaining momentum. A large number of Corporate CIO’s, CTO’s expect continued growth by leveraging the global workforce. It is clear that outsourcing is here to stay but with a growing number of alternative outsourcing locations it is becoming increasingly complex to decide on the right partner or location.

Our IT Outsourcing Advisory services practice has developed a methodology to assist you in this process and will soon begin publishing White Papers on this topic to assist you in making informed decisions based on our past experience. In the meantime if you would like to share your opinions then please drop us a note with your interest and we will include that in our White Papers.