The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing


Product Description

Cloud Computing has become a minefield of confusing terms, definitions, acronyms and complexities. ‘The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing’, published April 2012 by Vivek Ratna, PhD, a 30 year leader in the Information Technology industry, informs the reader how to exploit the opportunity of the “Cloud” by demystifying the confusion. The author sheds light into this potentially disruptive technology shift and provides the path to making more informed decisions.

This work clarifies the description of Cloud Computing rather than provide a final definition.  The author explores its likely benefits and future effects on global organizations and the IT landscape.  The author notes that Cloud Computing is more a paradigm shift of existing technologies than a new technology, concept, or creation.

The author is clear that there is healthy skepticism regarding concerns over security risks, latency, reliability, privacy, regulatory compliance and governance. However, he also believes that “Cloud Computing is becoming a formidable force to contend with and offers several benefits”.

The biggest beneficiaries of Cloud Computing will be small- to medium-sized businesses giving them access to technologies, hardware and software that were previously cost prohibitive.

“A clear and simple read with a common sense approach” says Stewart Hair with over 20 years of IT services leadership experience at EDS and HP. Great for the executive who just wants to know what all the buzz is about and be armed to ask the right questions.”

As vendors and organizations invest billions in Cloud Computing, this simple guide helps the business user confronted with this new terminology the ability to embrace and exploit this paradigm shift that is likely to change the way we work and live.



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